We believe in teaching mental skills that allow individuals to perform as close to their maximum potential on a consistent basis.

We stress focusing on the process consistently day in and day out in order to achieve something great. Learning and implementing specific behaviors through applied practice on a daily basis are the building blocks toward achieving your goals

Sydney Masters has committed herself to a life of living in the moment. Understanding not all moments can be perfect, but that you can be perfect in a moment, has influenced the way she works with athletes. She appreciates the pressures associated with being an athlete and a coach as she was both herself at the collegiate level.

Sydney has worked with elite athletes of multiple sports and ages from high school to Division I athletics. She has been supervised by some of the top professionals in the field at IMG Academy and in her graduate studies at Ithaca College.

Her research and interests have consisted of the development of mental toughness and it relation to the collegiate recruiting process. She believes in developing mental skills while in high school because that makes athletes more desirable to coaches who are actively recruiting them. Not only does it show a commitment from the athlete in all aspects of training, but it shows the level of coach-ability in that athlete.